Riexplroing irland sea sun-1We are Roman & Ioana – two explorers thirsty for discovering the world. Spending time outdoors, discovering new places, and meeting interesting people always makes us happy. We embraced the ‘less is more’ idea and we love exploring alternative living choices.

In 2017 we got ourselves a hippie bus that we named Leni and joined the vanlife movement which made so much sense for us. Leni is a VW LT35 and it stole our hearts from the very first moment we saw it. After restoring it into a fully off-grid motorhome, we adventured on a one year trip around Europe, experiencing traveling and living full-time in a van. The trip had an epic end with us getting married and returning to Switzerland (where we met) to continue living our dreams.

Leni is now our weekend getaway, taking us to beautiful places in the Swiss Alps.

The next chapter in our journey started with us building a tiny house on wheels. It was another step that made so much sense as we don’t know yet where to grow our roots. It took 1.5 years to complete the tiny house build, with many ups and downs. In December 2020 we moved in and we still cannot believe that we are living in our own tiny house. We are currently renting a piece of land in the swiss countryside where life is lived at a slow pace. We’re still travelling often and also getting into all sort of building projects.

If our stories inspire you and bring you joy, we are more than happy to keep you around. There are more adventures and exciting projects coming to life that we happy to share with you.

P.S. Find us on Instagram and Facebook  @riexploring   &   @tinyhousestory for current updates.

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