Bonjour Romandy!

If you didn’t already know, Romandy is the French-speaking part of western Switzerland.  That’s where we bought our bus Leni, back in November. What called for a trip to the Romandy this time was the annual Geneva Motor show hosted by Palexpo.

It’s so easy to make plans and go places when having a home on wheels. We don’t have to worry about booking accommodations in advance. Instead, we can just be spontaneous as it’s in our nature.

Geneva was quite crowded which made it impossible for us to find a parking place in a nice location. Perhaps it was because of the Motor show or it’s just the story of all big cities. We wanted to take some nice shots with the sunset by the lake but instead, we ended up doing laundry in the suburbs. There are some very nice and affordable Laundromats in Geneva so we couldn’t miss that chance. Surprisingly, the one we used was actually cheaper and at higher standards than the Laundromats that we’ve experienced so far when we drove to Germany. In the meantime, we wandered a bit around and took few pictures by the river Arve.

Later at night, we parked right by Palexpo where we had a good night sleep. The parking was of course packed when we woke up. It was great to step out our home in the morning and get to the Motor show in just 1 minute, without having to go crazy looking for parking.

From rare and valuable dream cars to everyday cars and of course mind-blowing concept cars, this year’s Motor show had many highlights! The one we would like to share with you is the VW I.D. Buzz minivan which you might love or hate. It is for sure different from what we are used to when thinking of VW vans and the public opinion is so far controversial. But we enjoyed seeing it live and getting to know more about its features. The futuristic look leaves the hippie style far behind but still, we believe it’s an awesome electric van, perfect for getaways and exploring time. In any case, we shall let the pictures to speak for themselves.

VW lt11 18.3.18 (1 of 1)ioana VW lt back 18.3.18 (1 of 1)

After the show, we decided to drive towards Lausanne and explore the surroundings. In the city, we enjoyed delicious burgers for dinner at Holy Cow!😅 Lausanne is beautiful but it was getting late and cold, so we had just a short walk and got back to our Leni, ready to find a good spot for the night.

Lausanne 4 18.03.18 (1 of 1)

We found a great parking place right at the lake, in Pully, with many other camper vans parked around. We slept like stones and woke up to a beautiful scenery on Monday morning. Lake Léman is a dream and since it was a misty morning and we couldn’t see France on the other side, it seemed to be more like a sea rather than a lake.

LAUSANNE 1 18.03.18 (1 of 1)
The bird kept posing while Roman took a long exposure shot. Then it flew away. 😃

We had all day to explore the towns Pully, Paudex and Lutry along the lake Léman. We both enjoy more discovering small towns and the countryside rather than big cities. Often these are the places that make the beauty and the specific of a region.

RI Luttry 11 18.3.18 (1 of 1)
Lutry, Switzerland

ri Luttry 4 18.3.18 (1 of 1)

Luttry 6 18.3.18 (1 of 1)
Paudex, Switzerland

Luttry 7 18.3.18 (1 of 1)

Luttry 10 18.3.18 (1 of 1)
Lutry, Switzerland

Monday used to be the “back to work day” that nobody likes too much. For us, it is now one more happy day in Paradise. We are thrilled about the decision to live a simple nomadic life and every day we enjoy it more and more.

Goodbye Romandy! See you again some other time.


2 thoughts on “Bonjour Romandy!

  1. Just started reading your blog I love the pictures and the way you talk about Switzerland. This makes me dream of one day maybe visit your country. My wife and I live in the French speaking province Quebec in Canada. We also bought our hippie van last summer and plan to wander in our beautiful country to explore our surroundings. Being just under 50 and blessed with 3 children now beautiful young adults and even grand parents one time we have time on our hand to explore.

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Meanwhile have fun 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! We are very happy that you enjoy reading our stories. We also dream about discovering Canada sometime in the future.
      Amazing that at such a young age you’re already grandparents and have time to hit the road and explore. We are kind of doing it the other way round. Before the responsibility of having children comes up, we want to explore the world as much as possible.

      Enjoy the upcoming adventures with your hippie van!

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