Lago di Mezzola and the Magic question

One year since our engagement and two weeks until our wedding. This calls for a blog post.
If you haven’t heard about Novate Mezzola before, a commune in the Province of Sondrio in the Italian region Lombardy and if you love camping, lakeside, and mountains, you might want to stick around and find out more.

We discovered this place last year in Summertime when we were traveling with our SUV and the camping trailer we had back then. We were heading back to Zürich from lake Iseo where we camped for a few days and what was supposed to be a lunch break stop, turned into two more days of camping by the Mezzola lake.


We loved it so much there that two weeks later we returned for a long weekend to celebrate Ioana’s birthday. That’s when Lago di Mezzola turned out to be the place where we got engaged. Roman popped up the magic question right on the lake, while we were paddle boarding. And if this might not sound very special at first, let us tell you that this lake is no ordinary one. It’s quite small but there are so many things going on around it. First of all the majestic cliffs that create beautiful reflections in the green-blue water.



And if you explore the lake with a boat, a SUP or other means of water transportation, you get to discover some really unique spots. Like a tiny piece of land between the mountain cliffs which are hiding a refreshing waterfall and overall a perfect spot to escape the midday heat.




Or this house covered in greens which fits perfectly into the landscape and it’s reachable only on water.

Would you like to live here?

It’s quite an experience to paddle right next to the cliffs, with hundreds of tiny fishes swimming under you at times.

The most important flow of the lake is river Mera which connects it to Lake Como. So for those finding lake Mezzola too small, there are plenty of options to explore further areas on water.

The camping spot is also pretty nice with an amazing front view on the lake and guess what? – it is for free! Right next to it there is a sand beach called Lido where toilets and showers can be found, as well as an outdoor bar which becomes a party place during the weekends.
As we haven’t experienced this camping with our comfy hippie bus and the Summer days are here, the Mezzola Lake was calling for a trip. So we’ve hit the road with Leni and we had a great time again, SUPing, cycling, relaxing with these amazing views and rememorizing the unique moment of our engagement.



The road trip to get there from Zürich is also pretty spectacular, driving on Splügenpass, a mountain pass that goes through the Swiss and Italian Alps.


riexploring Spugelpass 1 (1 of 2
Now we must get back to wedding preps and to enjoying the hot Summer days at the Baltic Sea. (stories from Latvia coming soon!)

Before leaving, check out the YouTube video from Lake Mezzola:



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