Sardinia trip begins!

After going back and forward on deciding whether we want a snowy Christmas time in the mountains or mild temperatures someplace South, we made up our mind and booked our ferry tickets to Sardinia. Let it be Sun we said!

Average temperature during this time of the year in Sardinia is around 15°C. That’s good enough for hiking, cycling, and some chill vanlife time.

We started our journey from Zurich until Lugano where we stayed overnight. It was nice passing the Gotthard Tunnel with no traffic at all, while during the warm season we’ve spent sometimes even 4 hours in traffic. Traveling off season comes with some advantages. 😁

Next stop was Certosa di Pavia, a small Italian town, half an hour away from Milan, where we enjoyed a warm and sunny day before heading to Genoa.

This little town hosts the striking Certosa di Pavia monastery – a real masterpiece of the Lombard Renaissance, well known for its architecture, extensive decoration and artworks.

Upon our arrival to Genoa, we searched for a nice and quiet place, not too far from the Port where we could spend some time before hoping on the ferry. And we did find the perfect spot on ‘Via del Peralto’ with a spectacular view, but reaching it has been quite an adventure. It’s not easy to drive with a motorhome uphill on a very narrow and curvy road, that can accomodate one car at the time.

But we made it, and got to spend the day at this beautiful panoramic spot with a view over Genoa and the sea.

The ferry to Sardinia was scheduled to depart at 8pm so we had to be at the Port the latest by 6pm. Good that we planned arriving earlier as we ended up driving around the Port several times looking for the right Terminal. Third try worked as a charm and we made it to Tirrenia ferry which was waiting for us all dressed up as batman 🙂

The ferry trip lasted 12 hours and after a disaponting dinner, a short night sleep due to the wavy sea, and on top Roman experiencing symthoms of a nasty cold, we were both feeling pretty down while reaching the port of Olbia. Our mood got boosted up instanly as we were greetead by the Sun, warm air, and palm trees. Hello, Sardinia!!!

To be continued…

P.S. We’ll put together a map and pictures with all places where we’ll get to stay and explore. Stay tunned. 😉

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