Dreaming big of a tiny home

My husband Parker and I have always dreamed of living tiny together. While we were dating, we shared a Pinterest board of tiny homes that made us dream of a simple and sweet life. When we got married, we moved into a small apartment with the goal of finding the perfect tiny home situation. We lived very simply, always keeping the tiny living idea in mind. That way, we were ready to adapt to a minimal lifestyle without many pairings down to be done.

Eventually, we found a 1995 5th wheel trailer on Facebook. We liked the idea of taking a pre-existing structure and adapting it to the perfect tiny home for us. The trailer is 28 ft. long in total. We spent a few weeks doing the bulk of the renovations – demolishing, painting, repairing, and installing. We are currently living on the family property, so we had a lot of help with the renovations and we are so grateful!

We wanted to go for a clean and minimal look within our home, with elements that made the small space feel open, bright, and calm. We chose natural-looking Pergo flooring, as well as butcher block countertops in our kitchen and bathroom. We sanded down the walls and painted them white while leaving our window frames black. We added simple lighting and open shelving, as well as added new outlets and painted outdated RV elements.

We love the way that these simple changes have made our home feel spacious and welcoming. Most of the guests that we have been able to host have remarked that the RV feels larger than they anticipated. We feel the same way!

On our tiny living journey, we have found that the simpler, the better. Clean lines, uncluttered drawers, and minimal closets have made us feel calmer overall in our home. There was a time when we struggled with too much clutter (as everyone does) and with keeping our small space clean. We feel now that we have struck a groove of simplicity that works really well for us.

We are really thankful to be able to use this season in our life to grow as a couple, to adventure together, and to prepare for our future. We know that tiny living isn’t our long term plan, so we are soaking up the closeness, simplicity, and freedom that our little home is giving us. We are currently documenting our tiny home adventures over on my personal Instagram – @lexamstutz.

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