Young woman builds a tiny house for 5000 Euros

Tiny home

Meet Elisabeth. An inspiring young woman we had the pleasure to visit while travelling in the south of Spain. Elisabeth built a gorgeous tiny house on wheels all by herself, without any previous experience in building. The end result is so magical and we’re happy we get to share her story with you.
Elisabeth’s dream of building herself a tiny home that’s like out of a fairytale started long before the tiny house movement was even a thing. She was sharing her ideas with friends and family and of course some thought it would be crazy to start such a project, while others thought it’s a brilliant idea.
The building process begun when a friend reached out to Elisabeth and offered her his old Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis as a base for the tiny house.

It took her one year to complete the build with a budget of only 5000 euros. To stay in the budget, but also to make the house unique and charming, she used mostly repurposed materials that she found here and there, sometimes for free, sometimes for a little amount of money.

Once she completed the build, she moved in and lived off the grid in the tiny house  until she found her dream farm land in the Andalusian mountains.

Now Elizabeth runs her own organic ‘Art Farm’ in the Andalusian Mountains. She is an artist and singer and has taught workshops and retreat courses at Eden Whispers’ Art Farm for the last 6 years. The farm land came with a little house which she renovated and where she currently lives, while the tiny house which is also placed on the farm land surrounded by orange and olive trees, she is renting it out to people needing a break in nature or for artists residencies.


If you want to book a stay in Elisabeth’s cosy tiny home you can do it below.

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