World’s smallest campervan for $5k

Nici & Max are a young couple in love with travelling who challenge themselves to build a teeny tiny camper van to travel in the south of Europe. They named it Olive, for obvious reasons and wherever they park, it becomes the best attraction. Everyone passing by is smiling and many stop to ask about the build and how they manage to travel in such a tiny camper.

Parked next to tiny Olive, our small camper doesn’t look that small anymore.

It’s quite amazing how much they were able to fit in such a small space. Despite its size, they managed to build a sitting area that transforms into a bed where they fit just fine, even together with their cat.

A benefit and at same time a downsize of having such small vehicle is that you are always forced to be outside so you’ll spend more time in nature and meet many new people, but when the weather gets all crazy and you really need to be inside for extended time, it can be quite tight for two people ( and a cat ).

For cooking, they built a slide-out kitchen with a portable two-ring gas stove. And under the kitchen, they managed to install a slide-out table that they use when the kitchen drawer is closed.

We love to see all sort of self-built campers and this one is a great example, that even such a small space can become super homey and unique with a bit of creativity.

It’s actually very impressive the amount of storage they managed to build in, making use of every single space.
The second sliding door does not only allow easy access to all the pantry storage also from outside but it’s also great for airing the van.

If you want to find out more about Nici & Max and their amazing campervan, check out the youtube video below.

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