We got a hippie bus!

We’ve been dreaming about living a nomadic life for quite some time, watching YouTube videos and documentaries about people traveling and living full-time in a van, an RV, a sailing boat or even wandering around with a bike and a tent.

How amazing one must feel having the freedom to chose what view to have outside the window each day. How the “front terrace” where to enjoy the morning coffee or lunch looks like. Some people are paying millions to own a house with lake view, sea view, mountain view,… Others have that for free. And when they get bored, they move on to finding a new stunning place.

Of course, not everyone resonates with this kind of lifestyle. Most people prefer stability, having the comfort of a big home, having a stable job and so on. But not us. We are living in Switzerland for over 6 years now and our feet are so itchy! We simply cannot stay in one place anymore nor stand routine. The world is so big and there are so many adventures out there waiting for us. So many places to see, loads of new people to meet and new things to experience. We just want to go where the road will bring us and explore as much as possible. We want to be free.

Our dream is now one step closer to becoming reality. We bought this beautiful old school VW LT35 bus that will be our cozy home on wheels while exploring the beauty of Mother Earth. We named it Leni (meaning “slow” in Latvian 😃).

An important step, but there are few more to come before our grand adventure begins: getting rid of all the useless stuff we gathered in all these years, get as much savings as possible, finding solutions of earning an income online – not being tight up to one place, and last but not least – getting married! Yes, we plan to say “I DO” next August.

But these are stories for another time…





Enjoying the sunset at the Baltic Sea. This was our first adventure with our bus, Leni. We drove from Switzerland to Latvia for the Christmas season.


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