From a SKOOLIE into a HOME On Wheels all for 10000$ & 6 months work | Self Converted School Bus Tour

Caleb is a graduate student of the University of Tennesse. He studied architecture and landscape architecture. In the summer of 2020, he had extra free time and some money saved up so he decided to build his own home on wheels. It was a very challenging project as he had only a 10k USD total budget. On the Facebook market place, he found a school bus located in Georgia and bought it for 3000USD. An additional 7000USD went into the restoration and the conversion into a home on wheels. To reduce the costs he used a lot of repurposed materials which also gave a unique look to the bus interior.

The bus has a lot of natural light. When you first enter, you will see a bookshelf with extra storage and on the left is the kitchen with a double sink and an instant water heater down below. Under the countertop, there’s also a small fridge.

Opposite the sink, there is another countertop and under it, a convection oven. Right above is a microwave and a nice wine rack. Next to the countertop, there’s a desk with a hidden keyboard underneath that slides out when Caleb feels like playing some music.

To be able to stand up in the bus, Cable built a skylight that adds some extra head room.

Right before the bed, there is a sofa lounge that can also be transformed into a full-size bed.

The bed is queen size and has hidden storage compartments behind it.

For hot summer days, he installed a roof vent and at the end of the bus, there’s an air conditioner.

And finally, at the very back of the bus, there’s the bathroom.

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