Family of Four Living in 399Sq Ft Tiny House

Hanna together with her two sons, husband, and a dog are living in a 399 sq ft tiny house located right outside Houston Texas.

It was very important for them to fit full-size appliances in the kitchen in order to have a regular kitchen-type feel. So they have a large two-door fridge, double deep sink, and a 5 burner electric stove with a full-size oven and even a kitchen island.

There’s plenty of storage with many kitchen cabinets that are very big and deep. In addition, there are storage buckets on top of the cabinets that double up the kitchen storage. They have so much storage that many cabinets are still empty.

In the living room, there’s a big couch that transforms into a double bed, a big TV, and of course more storage cabinets.

As they have small kids it was very important to have a washer & dryer combo to easily do the laundry whenever needed.

The bathroom is very spacious and bright and you can access it both from the living room and from the kids room.

The kids room has a double bed and two closets, plus some baskets and shelves for storing toys and books.

Stairs to the loft have built-in storage which is very handy for storing and easily access things that are being used daily.

The loft has king size bed, a storage unit that serves as Hanna’s closet, and a baby bed. The loft has a lot of natural light which for sure is very important to make the space feel more open and bright.

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