Self Built Tiny House – Modern Rustic Interior Design

Brooke and Solomon built their tiny house by themselves with some help from family and friends. The design is a perfect combination of rustic and modern elements to fit the style of both of them. As the house is not on wheels they were able to build it a bit higher than regular tiny houses and the result is the ability to stand in the loft. All the house including the furniture is self-designed and self-built. Solomon is a craftsmen enthusiast and he enjoyed working on every piece of furniture to make it beautiful and unique. The house is 360sqft/33sqm and although is not completely finished yet, the estimated cost is about $45k without taking into account the amount of time and work they’ve put in the build.

Their kitchen’s highlight is the big countertop which allows both of them to prepare food at the same time, without being in each other’s way. They both love cooking so the bog counter space was a must. Between the kitchen and the bathroom is a stackable washer & dryer combo that is well integrated into the overall space. Under the stairs there is plenty of storage space and a full-size refrigerator, making sure all space is used wisely. Then there’s a beautiful self-built door by Solomon that brings you into the bathroom.

The bathroom’s highlight is definitely the big shower with a glass door and beautiful tile work. The water is heated by an instant LPG gas water heater.

The bathroom is very spacious and has a lot of storage. As the house is hooked up and has a septic system, there’s a regular flushing toilet.

Here you can see the beautiful dining area with the self-built table and benches, again a great example of Solomon’s craftsmanship skills.

Having a lot of daylight coming in was an important factor. The window sill adds even more character to the space and it’s doubling as storage, opening from the top. The self-built sofa bed can accommodate up to two guests.

The loft serves as the bedroom with a lot of natural light. The height of it allows them to stand up also in the loft and the design is super cozy. Looks like it’s also the favorite spot of their dog.

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